Far East Shipping comments: " Chinese voice sounded the ship finance market "
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                                                    As Germany and the United States, Britain and other countries in the financing of the shipping market " suffer a big ", China is growing at an alarming rate and scale of financing high occupation.

                                                    Recently, the State Development Bank of China in Dalian established the first ship finance bank, service target customers for domestic shipbuilding industry, shipping enterprises in domestic shipyards and made new ship overseas shipowner.

                                                    Last week, China Import and Export Bank organized a ship finance international forum, delegates said, in domestic shipyard large container ships, large liquefied natural gas ship, marine vessels and the environmental protection ship owner, Chinese banks will give credit support.

                                                    Although the bank at the security mechanism of constraint, overall lending amount can not be quantified, but data shows, bank lending amount of total base number is small, its growth rate is unusually breathtaking.

                                                    According to Greek shipping financing research institutions Petrofin's latest data, the Far East and Australia two ship financing amount from $66400000000 in 2010 soared to $93000000000 in 2012, two years or more than 4 into.

                                                    This wave of momentum rainbow rally behind China, the mainstay effect obviously. A Hongkong shipping financing business lawyer points out, in recent years the global shipping financing market, Chinese domestic banks suddenly from niche market participant is morphing into market giant.

                                                    " Banks support the shipping industry as it should be. Because the shipyards ship can be made, steel is steel can be sold, the two industry workers would be to keep your job. In addition, the new ships will be used to transport Australian iron ore and Coal South Africa to meet the domestic demand for raw materials, making the whole economy healthy operation. " He said.

                                                    And the like, Bank of China, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, transportation bank import and export bank and are actively involved in ship financing market. If the London, New York and Hamburg will be accumulated over the years the market share to be an easy job to hand over, then in a few years, Chinese ship finance industry will stand as firm as a rock on the world stage.

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