Ocean Freight Service

                                                    As NVOCC agent, offering a frequent and flexible sailing schedule for any less-than-container load and full container load shipments.

                                                    (Remarks:NVOCC No. MOC-NV 05399,and the name on the NVOCC certificate is JOYSPEED GLOBAL TRANSPORT CO. LIMITED)

                                                    Ocean Import Procedural Flow Chart:

                                                    1、Overseas send pre-alert and shipping documents to Joyspeed after sailing within 48 hours.
                                                    2、Joyspeed contact consignee to inform arrival notice.
                                                    Consignee to provide all necessary documents, including Trust Instruction of Customs Clearance, Invoice, Packing List, Customs Declaration Application Form etc to Joyspeed at least 1 working day before boat arrival
                                                    3、Joyspeed exchange Delivery Order with carrier and submit Customs entry ----- 1day after arrival.
                                                    4、Joyspeed collect the Duty Demand Note from Customs Office and deliver to consignee who will pay the duty immediately upon receipt of Demand Note. ----- 2days after arrival
                                                    5、When the duty is paid, Joyspeed complete Customs formalities, then proceed applications with all other government agencies:
                                                        - Quarantine
                                                        - Plant & Animal
                                                        - CCIB
                                                        - Port Tally Agency
                                                        - Port Trucking Agency
                                                    6、When above are done, Joyspeed apply for container pick-up time schedule and advise consignee the same.
                                                    7、Joyspeed will arrange pick-up and deliver to consignee’s job site. And send POD to origin office. ---- 2-3 days after arrival

                                                    Ocean Export Procedural Flow Chart:

                                                    1、Shipper sends Shipping Order to Joyspeed ---- 7-10days before sailing
                                                    2、Joyspeed send pre-advice to Overseas on the same day. Pre-advice includes shipper/consignee/po nbr/destination/quantity/weight/dimension/description/freight term/cargo readiness/planned sailing schedule and other info. ---- 7-10days before sailing
                                                    4、Joyspeed book space to nominated carriers or co-loaders when confirmation received from overseas agents. Or Joyspeed pre-book to carriers in peak season. ----- 6-9days before sailing
                                                    5、Joyspeed release s/o to shipper ------ 6-9days before sailing
                                                    6、AMS/ACI entry for USA/Canada trade ------ 4days before sailing
                                                    7、Shipper deliver cargo to Joyspeed Logistics Centre or Joyspeed arrange container trucked to shipper’s for factory load ------ 3-4days before sailing.
                                                    8、Container loaded and sent into terminal ---- 3days before sailing
                                                    9、Joyspeed arrange customs clearance for shippers Customs inspection by random if need ------- 2days before sailing
                                                    10、B/L draft sent to shipper for check and confirmation ------ 1day before sailing
                                                    11、Container on board
                                                    12、Original b/l released to shipper
                                                    13、Pre-alert sent to overseas agents. ----- within 3days after vssl departure